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The Best One Pan Chicken Scampi Pasta Dish

A copy-cat of Olive Garden Chicken Scampi dish and even better. With the most creamy lemon garlic fragrant sauce, crispy tender chicken, and pasta noodles! An easy and effortless meal to make that will wow your guest. What’s Chicken Scampi? Scampi sauce is usually prepared with lemon, garlic, butter, white […]

Crispy Chicken Buns

These portable size Crispy Chicken Buns dipped in homemade Chick-fil-A sauce is so satisfying. Filled with crispy fried chicken, bell peppers, colby cheese, and pickles. Then dipped, in copycat Chick-fil-A sauce! Can be the perfect appetizer or game night snack. So filling and delicious! More about these Crispy Chicken Buns […]

Chicken Kabsa

Chicken and rice are cooked in a flavorful Middle Eastern spice mixture, making this the best one pot rice dish. Garnished with roasted raisins, silvered almond, and a delicious Kabsa salsa sauce. This meal is one of my favorite Middle Eastern dish! Chicken Kabsa is a Saudi Arabian recipe that […]