The Easiest Dough Recipe

Having an easy go to recipe dough is a key to have when making homemade pizza or even any endless dough recipes you want to make! A perfect dough each time that never fails to make!

The Best Pizza Dough Recipe

I will share with you my best kept secret to the most fluffy and soft pizza dough ever. This pizza dough recipe is not only easy to make, but has the crispiest crust ever! And who doesn’t love the crust on the pizza? I do! Best part is dipping the crust in garlic dipping sauce!

The secret to the Best Pizza Dough

A small simple step will change the way you make pizza dough!

  • COLD WATER! Yes you heard right! Here’s why cold water makes the best dough ever.

Just a disclaimer this does NOT apply to the yeast mixture. It is crucial to have warm water when activating the yeast. That is the only way the yeast will activate.

Here’s why cold water will make a difference in your dough! Cold water dough will make the texture very soft and pliable dough. When you are mixing all the ingredients to the dough, and you notice that the consistency is dry, it needs more water! Adding cold water will fix the solution resulting in an extremely tender dough.

  • KNEADING! This process is so important when preparing the dough. Work those hands and start kneading the dough. After the ingredients have been mixed, the proteins are in a random pattern and mixed in together. When the dough is kneaded, the proteins pull together in a way where lines of gluten build a structure for the dough to rise. So work those hands for 10 minutes to have the most perfect dough ever!

The Easiest Dough Recipe

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Recipe by Dena Merhi


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An easy Dough recipe that is fail proof yet with the most softest texture ever.


  • 1/2 cup Warm water

  • 2 tsp Sugar

  • 1 Pack active dry yeast or instant yeast. Or 1 tablespoon of yeast.

  • 3 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour

  • 1 tbsp Olive oil

  • 2 cups Cold water

  • 2 tsp Salt


  • In a small mixing bowl or cup, combine warm, sugar, and yeast. Mix together until sugar is dissolved. Set aside for 5 minutes until yeast mixture is foamy.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, salt, and olive oil. Make a well in the middle of the flour to pour the yeast mixture in the center.
  • Using your hands or stand up mixture, combine the ingredients together. Slowly add 1/2 cup of cold water at a time and work the ingredients in together.
  • Take the dough out of the bowl, and lay on a clean floured working area. Begin kneading the dough for about 10 minutes until soft and pliable.
  • Put the dough in a bowl and cover with siren wrap and clean kitchen towel. Place the bowl in a dark cool area to allow the dough to rise for 1 hour.
  • After dough has doubled in size, you may begin to roll the dough to your desired shape. Pizza dough will cook in the oven at 375 degrees F for about 20 minutes or until golden in color and crisp around the edges.


  • If you notice your dough is too wet add a little bit of flour. If you notice your dough too dry, add a little bit of cold water and knead the dough properly.
  • You may freeze the dough if needed up for 3-4 months. Thaw overnight before using it. Make sure you’ve allowed the dough to fully rise before freezing it.

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